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What is the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program?

November 05, 2017

In 2007, Illinois passed a law to tax customers and spend that taxation on energy efficiency.  ComEd, People's Gas, Northshore Gas, and Nicor Gas all spent incentive and rebate money out of the tax collected on each utility bill - ultimately reducing energy usage with each tax dollar spent.  This program through the electric utility was branded the ComEd Smart Ideas Program, but is now referred to as the Comed Energy Efficiency Program  

In December 2016, Illinois doubled down on this successful program and increased this spending to almost $400 million annually in the Future Energy Jobs Act.  This law was passed by an unlikely coalition in Illinois - Exelon (ComEd's parent company), environmentalists, groups focused on job growth (including Governor Rauner), as well as other small groups. 


comed energy efficiency program trade ally of the year

Job growth in Illinois due to this program is significant, including Verde in Chicago.  All of our team of Chicago energy efficiency experts have jobs from this spending, as a significant amount of our revenue is generated by partnering with ComEd on various programs for business.  In fact, not to braggadocious but we were awarded the 2017 ComEd Trade Ally Partner of the Year award recently.  


There are a variety of programs, including those for businesses and residential.  Business energy efficiency rebates focus on LED lighting, refrigeration improvements including EC Motors with Evaporative Fan Speed Controls, HVAC, smart thermostats, and compressed air measures.  ComEd incentives help reduce the cost to upgrade to energy efficiency measures, covering 50-75% of the cost of upgrades, as well as 100% of the cost for some items for businesses classified as 0-100kW in their usage.  


 Residential rebates include free energy audits, refrigeration recycling programs, smart thermostat discounts, as well as new appliance incentives.  There is also a marketplace to purchase reduced price LEDs and Smart Thermostats available to ComEd residential customers.  


ComEd rebates Illinois administers this program under its ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.  They spend this money because it is required by law, but they do support this program fairly enthusiastically because of the goodwill generated for their customers through this program.  Since we all pay into this tax program, if you do not participate, you are funding your neighbor's energy efficiency.  In fact, if you operate a business, you are funding improvements to your competition, so please reach out to us today for a free energy efficiency assessment for your business by clicking below.

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Posted by Jamie Johnson

While serving as a firefighter on the north shore of Chicago, Jamie saw how much energy was wasted by leaving lights on overnight in the firehouse. He ran calculations and aspired to find a way to both save enegy and reduce costs. Shortly thereafter, Verde was born.


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