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Tips on Increasing Your Adaptability

December 26, 2017

Adaptability is a concept that many businesses strive for, but many miss in the busy-ness of the day-to-day.  When routines are established and business seems easy, it's hard to think, "hmm, I really need to shake this up, I really need change!"  Don't let that security fool you, allowing this monotony of how you do business and a "set-in-my-ways" attitude can be extremely detrimental (moment of silence for Blockbuster).  Allowing yourself to grow and change with the market and challenges that arise can not only allow you to thrive, but can actually be the factor that saves your business

Companies don’t fail because of changes in the environment, they fail because their leaders are either unwilling or incapable of dealing with said change.” -Jeff Boss, Forbes

Being adaptable has a plethora of benefits, some including increased recognition, creating an edge above the market, and sparking creative thinking within your company.

So your feet are dipped into the adaptability pool and you want to spark the change, where do you start?  The following are some helpful tips on how to increase adaptability within your company:

  • Encourage new ideas and new mindsets on how to tackle problems and achieve goals.  By instilling an environment where outside of the box thinking isadaptability in business welcomed and not ridiculed you will ease up resistance from those who may shy away from voicing ideas.  Be open to learning from others and respect their ideas.  Also, it will be harder to establish a dynamic thinking environment if your employees are only used to one way of doing things for years and years.  Start the conversation now, open people up to the idea that their thoughts are wanted and no idea is off limits.
  • Shifting focus when necessary is a huge part of being more adaptable within your company.  This also includes changing priorities, which can be hard, especially for those who see a task and want to tackle it right away before hopping to something else.  Knowing when to put a task on the backburner, or sometimes even scrapping a full idea, is crucial for your company to be flexible and current.  If you run a bowling alley and one of your projects is finding cheaper candy for concessions instead of tackling the larger issue of severely declining bowling patrons, you might want to worry about the candy cost later, eh?
  • Have core values that you follow to help you stay grounded in the times of change.  While being adaptable may seem like changing drastically, throwing around change at any cost and anywhere isn’t the goal.  Did you create your company with the values of open communication and transparency?  Then keep those values!  Don’t throw them away in the name of adaptability, simply adjust actions to better fit the market and your values simultaneously.  
  • Make sure your changes are clear to your staff.  If your company establishes change and parts or all of it is missed by your employees, confusion will ensue and your desired goal will not be met, or at least not be met easily.  Make sure everyone is on the same page and explain why change is taking place.
  • Create communication with your customers.  Allow for channels of interaction where any concerns, needs, and wants can be addressed and hopefully met.  Notice that a lot of your customers are all asking for a certain product or service from you that you currently do not have?  Adapt!  Finding that a certain aspect of how your business runs is leaving many customers disgruntled?  Adapt!  Utilize your customers as a resource for tips and advice to constantly be adapting.

"Alienation and isolation will kill success," Dalya Tabari

Allow yourself room to grow, learn, and adapt throughout your business.  Include everyone in your journey and allow adaptability to be interwoven throughout the core thinking and executing of your company, because if you don't adapt you might end up as a business that once was, not a business that is.  


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Posted by Melissa Englund

Melissa works on making sure people are not only happy but informed on all things Verde. She loves witty humor, drinking way too much coffee, and saving as many plants from Lowe's "rescue rack" as possible (succulents never die, right?).


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