Once a week our team of experts go out into the Chicagoland area to speak face-to-face with business owners about the energy efficiency program.  We call this our outreach day.  

| out·reach | (noun) The extent or length of reaching out.  (verb) Reach further than.  

We work hard to make sure all businesses in the Chicagoland area know the money-saving opportunities available to them.  One aspect of us helping businesses is to go out and speak face-to-face with business owners about opportunities available to them to save money.  The money they save can go back into their business, their non-profit, their passions.  When we are out during our outreach days, we frequent the local businesses in that area, doing our best to not only support local but also to get a better understanding of this beautiful city so many of us call home.  From breweries to restaurants, we like getting excited about helping out our communities through engaging and establishing relationships with the people who work hard to make Chicago one of the best places to live.  Below is a list of places we have been to for outreach, and we'll continue to add new places for you to follow along with us!  Do you not see your neighborhood?  Hit us up and let us know!
Places We've Been: 
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