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October 27, 2017

"Winter is coming" - Every cast member on Game of Thrones

Is there anything worse than getting a table by the front door of a restaurant only to feel the Chicago cold continually interrupting your meal? You know who wouldn't stand for that? Daenerys Targaryen, that's who. She's send her dragons down there and well, you know what would happen next. 

Over time, older buildings will develop cracks and spaces between doors, windows and floors that can attribute sometimes up to 30-40% of wasted cool or warmed air. Weatherstripping is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to reduce your energy consumption and make sure that inside temperatures maintain themselves. 

A small piece of me dies when I see a shop or cafe with a Brienne of Tarth sized gap under their door. I harken back to my father yelling at me to close the refrigertor door instead of standing there, slack jawwed trying to figure out what I want to eat.. "Close the refrigerator door!" Ok Dad! You wouldn't get rid of the seals on your fridge would you? Same goes for your front door and windows.


Weatherstripping is the process of sealing these cracks up with materials like foam, rubber, vinyl, and metal to protect from outside elements. These solutions tend to be weather resistant and prevent things like dirt and bugs from also sneaking in as well. Weatherstripping is also helpful in reducing outside noise which can be distracting to the work enviroment or customers.  Most weatherstripping products are easy to install and can be done so in minutes without tools, and some require basic tool installation.

Not sure where to start?

Start with your door

Door weatherstripping is a priority when it comes to reducing your businesses energy consumption. With a door sweep solution in place, you can start saving money now and preventing air leakage. Many times, a door sweep might even be covered by energy rebate programs. Installing weatherstripping in your business today is an easy decision to make. With a few easy steps, you can be on the road to saving money, making your patrons more comfortable, keeping pests and debris out and might be able to even get money back for your efforts! You might qualify for a free door sweep for you business under Comed's 

Don't forget Windows

With a small investment of $5-$30 in caulk from your local hardware store, you can see savings up to 20% on your energy bill. Seal up those drafty windows quickly and easily and make sure your customers are comfortable in those chilly months and that you're cool air stays inside during those sweltering summer months.

Verde can find where your business might be leaking energy. Whether it's out the door, through an old HVAC system, or the need for lighting upgrades.  We've worked with other Chicagoland business to do just that and we're unstoppable when it comes to utility rebate expertise. Are you ready to start saving on operating costs? 

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Posted by Jen Panattoni

Jen loves the city of Chicago and the people that live and work here. Her goals include: Making the city a better place for everyone to live, to eat at all the Mr. Submarine's there are in Chicagoland and... that's it. No other goals. that's all of them.


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