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Where Are the Best Places for Linear LEDs in Commercial Offices?

January 11, 2018


LED office lighting

Let me turn the tables a bit and ask you a question, buster. Do you currently have linear fluorescent fixtures in your office lighting? You do? Well badda bing bada boom, there you go.

You have successfully identified the absolute best place for linear LEDs. And ya know what else, smarty pants? You have also identified the worst place for linear fluorescents. Two birds. One stone.


I have heard people comment about how fluorescent lights give them a headache or bothers their eyes. Doesn’t sound crazy at all. Think about it. A fluorescent light is a big ol’ tube filled with gas molecules jazzercising over your head. Those excited little electrons are bouncin’ all over the place. As those suckers age, you are going to get an annoying flickering of light and a change in color. Not to mention a hum as soothing as your 7 year old niece learning the recorder.


A linear LED, however, is made up of a strip of little dots housed in something that’s almost identical to a fluorescent T8 lamp. Each dot contains something like a little teensy weensy toy train track. And, just like that track your neighbor needs to stop playing with because he’s an adult, the train runs the same direction every time along the same path. Pretty predictably. Electrons are doing the same thing on each one of those little dots. Running a very consistent route. Unlike your neighbor’s track, which gives off weird smells from those liquid engine smoke drops, these dots give off a steady light. No flickering. No color change with age. And best yet, no hum.

 playing with trains

To make a short story long: best places for linear LEDs? Everywhere. Get those fluorescent lights outta there and make your office a happier place.


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Posted by Beth Holaday

When not complaining about the loud buzzing of metal halide fixtures, Beth is running an environmental networking group and trying to save bees from unfair litigation


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